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Project SACE - Propeller Gearbox Removal (On Wing) for TP400/Airbus 400M
This project was born from the necessity to be able to remove the propeller gearbox from the engine without having to first remove the engine from the aircraft as was previously required.
A joint Rolls-Royce/Scott Aerospace team of design & manufacturing engineers was formed to design & manufacture a suite of tooling that would enable this to happen. This project was further complicated by a tight deadline as the tooling had to be presented and tested on a live aircraft due in for servicing.
This project started life with a white board concept and subsequent project plan in the boardroom at Scott Aerospace.
These designs were then modeled and tested using the latest 3D Cad software along with FEA analysis software to check for form, fit and function. Once all approvals were signed we then moved onto phase II of the design using the latest laser 3D printing to rapid prototype the tooling, checking for fit and clearance on a live aircraft engine.
Case Study
Following prototype validation a full product manufacturing review was carried out leading to the production of a fully packaged solution.
The solution was delivered to the RAF at Brize Norton for evaluation on a live aircraft, removing and changing 4 off propeller gearboxes on a 400M. This was a complete success and the tooling solution was put into mainstream production.
This was the reponse from Rolls Royce on the completed solution at an awards ceremony:

"Rolls-Royce Defence developed a new maintenance procedure to exchange the propeller gearbox of the TP400 power plant, with the engine remaining installed in the aircraft. This was a high profile project, required to enable the rapid introduction of a gearbox modification. The Rolls-Royce project team that delivered this capability teamed up with local Defence equipment supplier Scott Aerospace to produce the associated aircraft ground equipment required in the new procedure.
Scott Aerospace developed the detailed equipment design and prototypes before then productionizing these into the final standard of equipment - proving themselves to be a dynamic, competent, and responsive organisation that were a genuine pleasure to work with. The project was a huge success of which Scott Aerospace were a key component  everyone there should remain very proud of how they supported us during that intensive project.

Jonathan Morley, Chief Service Engineer  TP400."